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Edman Saffron


From its humble beginnings back in 1969, Mr. Gholemreza Miri started to cultivate and sell saffron in a very simple manner under the commercial name of Reza Saffron. Mr. Miri would pre-package his products according to weight and type, which at that time was unheard of for such a business in Iran. This new company soon flourished.

In 1995, after continuous and consistent growth, the company Agricultural and Exports of Edman Saffron was established. Then after 20 more years, in 2015, the ever-evolving company became simply “EDMAN”. (EDMAN (ادمان) means consistent and continuous) Edman is a family business whose goal is to create the enjoyable feeling of being close together and support any lifestyle. Here at Edman we want to create an excuse for everyone, no matter where you are, from the office to home, from beach to dessert, to escape the mundane and experience unforgettable and remarkable moments.

Our philosophy at Edman is the world should be free of boundaries, especially since we only live once. Therefore, one should seize every single moment of life and create exceptional feelings by continuing to experience something new and live the good life. This philosophy has lead to our motto: “You only live once, live good.”

Edman emphasizes that life should be filled with quality. As a result, its main obsession is to produce and present products that people who value quality can appreciate.

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